Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania

In Memoriam

Albert William Lilley, Sr.
Lifetime Member Albert William Lilley, Sr. passed away May 30, 2024
David Moyer
Long time Member David Moyer passed away December 30 2023.
Wilbur L. Slaymaker
Longtime Member Wilbur L. Slaymaker passed away December 4th 2023
Charles J. Lefever, Jr.
Life time member Charles J. Lefever, Jr. passed November 28th 2023
Sandy Jenkins
Longtime Member Sandra Jenkins passed December 2 2023
Nevin K Brubaker
Lifetime R&T Director Nevin K Brubaker passed away at 85.
Floyd "Spike" Thompson
Floyd "Spike" Thompson Lifetime member passed away on 09/23/2023 at the age of 95
Harvey D. Bashore
Lifetime member and R&T President Harvey Bashore passed away August 10th 2023
Charlie Killam
Lifetime Member Charlie Killam passed June 22 2023
Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham long time R&T Member passed ,June 26, 2023
Frank DiMarzio
Life Time Member Frank DiMarzio passed away May 28th 2023
Thomas F. Voellm
Life Time Member Thomas F. Voellm passed away April 6th 2023
Menno Hoover
Long time member Menno Hoover passed away Sept 28th 2022
Cora Jean Riehl
Cora Jean Riehl wife of R&T Director Jonathan Riehl passed Dec 17 2022
James R. Foose
Member James Foose passed on Wednesday October 5, 2022
Harry D. Landis, II,
Harry D. Landis, II long time R&T Member passed ,July 28, 2022
Arnold Simon
Member Arnold Simon passed July 16th 2022
Levi F. Smoker
Levi F. Smoker died unexpectedly, Monday, April 25, 2022
William Harper
Lifetime R&T member Jack harper passed April 13th 2022
Steven Koser
Lifetime member Steven Koser passed away December 10th 2021
Larry E. Reinhart
Longtime member Larry E. Reinhart on November 11, 2021
Frank M. Ortleib III
Lifetime Member Frank M. Ortleib III passed November 7, 2021
Director Tom Harding
Director Tom Harding passed away October 29th 2021
Richard Witmer
Longtime member Richard Witmer passed October 11, 2021.
William Jenkins
Longtime Member William Jenkins passed away October 9th 2021
J Clyde Burkholder
Longtime Member Clyde Burkholder passed away May 13, 2021
Robert E Hartzel Sr
Robert E Hartzel Sr passed away May 7th 2021
Nancy L Young
Nancy L Young, Lifetime member passed away April 1 2021.
Glenn Hess
Glenn Hess lifetime member passed away April 6, 2021.
William R. Therry
William R. Therry passed away March 22, 2021
Donald Kramer
February 2021 Lifetime member Donald Kramer passed away February 28 2021
William Twardus
Lifetime member William Twardus passed away August 17th, 2020
Jack C. Norbeck
October 2020, Jack C. Norbeck passed away October 19th 2020
Tom Griesser
Thomas Griesser passed away September 7, 2020
Frederick A. "Fred" Howes
Frederick A. "Fred" Howes Passed away Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Douglas Lotten
Longtime member and Volunteer Doug Lotten passed away July 30th 2020
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith R&T Lifetime Member passed away Saturday, July 4, 2020.
Lee W. Pedersen
March 8th, 2020, Lifetime member and vendor Lee Pedersen passed away March 8th
Edgar S Almony
March 2020, Member Edgar S Almony passed away March 1st 2020
Calvin H. Lilley
January 2020, Longtime member Calvin Lilley passed away January 12, 2020
William Macauley
January 2020, member William Macauley passed away January 8, 2020
John Jeffrey Crooke, Sr
August 2019, Long time Member and sausage steamer John Jeffrey Crooke, Sr passed away August 21st
Patrick Deming
August 2019 Long time member Patrick Deming Passed away August 2nd 2019
Laurance Luder
August 2019, Long time member Laurance Luder passed away August 2nd 2019
Richard McKee
July 2019, Longtime member Richard McKee passed away July 10th 2019
Harry Robert Solway
July 2019, Long time member Harry (Bob) Soloway passed away July 4th 2019.
Charles S. Brommer, Jr.
June 2019 Long time member Charles S. "Chub" Brommer, passed away June 19, 2019.
William P Chew
December 2018, Long time member Bill Chew passed away December 31st 2018
Scott Herr
October 2018, Longtime member Scott Herr passed away October 21st 2018
Amos E. Stoltzfus
August 2018, Longtime R&T member Amos E. Stoltzfus passed away August 10th 2018
Robert C. "Bob" Stoltzfus
August 2018, Long Time member Robert C. Stoltzfus passed away August 10th 2018
Simon M. Johnson
August 2018, Simon M. Johnson a longtime member of R&T passed away Aug. 2nd 2018
Thomas A. Hitchcock
Thomas A. Hitchcock lifetime R&T member passed away on Saturday, June 2nd 2018
Ernest W. Reynolds
January 2018, Long time R&T member Ernest W. Reynolds passed away Jaunary 19th, 2018
Rufus Frantz
December 2017, Pet Dog of Joy and Louis Frantz passed away December 25th, 2017
Lois I. Stouffer
November 2017, Long time member Lois I. Stouffer passed away November 16th 2017
James Henry Moss
May 2017, Lifetime member James Henry passed away on Saturday, May 20, 2017
Leroy Walker
February 2005, Rough and Tumble member Leroy Walker passed away Feb. 13 2005
Cliff Foster
June 2017, Long time member Cliff Foster passed away June 25th 2017
Jim F. Graybill
June 2017, Long time member Jim Graybill passed away June 1st
Carl Simpson
March 2017, Lifetime member Carl Simpson passed away March 21, 2017
Lewis Frantz Jr.
January 2017, Long time member and R&T President Lewis Frantz Jr. passed away January 16, 2017
John L. Chandler, Jr.
January 2017, Long time member John L. Chandler Jr. passed away January 8, 2017
Alfred H. Woodward
December 2017 Alfred H. Woodward Rough and Tumble Board Member Passed away Dec 7th, 2016
Walter G. Robbins Jr.
February 2016, Long Time member Walter G. Robbins Jr. passed away February 21, 2012.
Wilfred F. Markey, Jr.
July 2016, Lifetime Member Wilfred Markey passed away July 29th, 2016
John Ray Pepper
September 2015, Lifetime member John Ray Pepper passed away September 23, 2015
Arvid J. Hamilton
August 2015 Longtime member A.J. Hamilton passed away August 6th 2015
Col. Ross Rhodes
January 2015 - Long time member Col. Ross Rhodes passed away January 27th 2015.
John McCarter
November 2014 - Long time member John McCarter passed away November 15th, 2014
William "Wayne" Tull
January 2014 - Long time member Wayne Tull passed away January 4th, 2014
Lester S. Hoffman
April 2014 - Long time R&T member Lester Hoffman passed away April 27th, 2014
Earl R. Leary
March 2014 - Long time member Earl Leary passed away February 2014
Kenneth Morris
August 2012 - Kenneth R. Morris R & T Restorer passed away suddenly at home July 31, 2012
Harry K. Wilson
January 2014 - Long time member Harry K Wilson passed away on January 1st, 2014
Robert F. Reynolds
December 2013 - Long time member Bob Reynolds passed away December 10, 2013
Elias S. Beiler
July 2013 - Founding Member Elias S. Beiler passed away July 5, 2013
Bill Castiglioni
October 2010 - Bill Castiglioni Shay Conductor passed away September 3, 2010
John Willcox
October 2010 - Gas Engine Enthusiastic John P. Willcox passed away September 1, 2010
Aaron B. Stauffer
May 2010 - Aaron B. Stauffer long time R & T steam enthusiast passed away April 25, 2010
Otis Astle
March 2010 - Long time member of Rough and Tumble passed away February 28, 2010.
Tom Ackerman
February 2010 - Long time steam enthusiast passed away February 3, 2010.
Joy Frantz
March 2009 - Long time Rough and Tumble member Joy Frantz passed away at March 18, 2009 at age 70.
Ralph Arment
February 2009 - Long time Rough and Tumble member Ralph M. Arment passed away at February 12, 2009
John Railing
June 2008 - Long time Rough and Tumble member John C. Railing passed away at June 21, 2008 at age 88
Willard Adams
April 2006 - The obituary for Willard Adams, who passed away at the Rough and Tumble Grounds Sunday,
Dave Moore
May 2008 - Long time Waterloo Boy and Rough and Tumble member Dave Moore passed away at home May 27,
Edwin M. Martin
May 2008 Edwin Martin Long Time Member of R & T passed away April 2008
Barry Sheinin
July 2006 - Edith Sheinin has written a touching letter informing the R&T community
Nathan Lillbridge
May 2005 - Long Time Rough and Tumble member Passed away April 4, 2005
Phares B Stauffer
August 2004 Long time member Phares Stauffer passed away July 2004