Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania

R&T 2024 Gas Engine School  

Saturday June 29, 2024 and Sunday June 30, 2024.

Rough and Tumble has started the first Gas Engine School offered anywhere in the US for the operation, safety, and care of gas engines. Students will operate and learn about engines from our unique oldest gas engine in the US, the Otto and Langen built in 1867 to our largest 485 hp Cooper engine.

Students with also run the O&L, Cooper, Twin Miller, 3 ball Klein, 15 HP Reid and some small engines as well. There is so much to learn between anything from ignition to timing of these industrial beautiful engines of the age.  The Volunteers that take care of these engines are several of the most knowledgeable people in the use of these engines.

The 2024 School will be held Saturday June 29 and Sunday June 30. Saturday is the practical class and engine running basics.  Sunday students will run engines.   Please email Kathleen Hazzard if you are interested in attending school.  The application and information is available on the website under Resources or here.  

School will be limited to the first 20 students that apply.   Please look at our web site of previous Schools at  in our photo section.

For more information contact:

Kathleen Hazzard

Email: [email protected]

2023 Students

2023 Instructors