Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania

The Whistle

The Official Newsletter of the Rough and Tumble Engineers´ Historical Assoc., Inc.
Bill Glenn - Editor and Whistle Chairman


The Whistle is a six to eight page newsletter printed four times a year and mailed to all members of Rough and Tumble. Every newsletter includes 

All issues of The Whistle also include some of the following information, depending on the time of year -
  • Lists of R & T officers, Board of Directors and Committee chairpersons
  • Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors (when room permits)
  • Announcements pertaining to special features of upcoming events
  • Photos on completed events
  • Results of tractor pulls and other contests
  • Regular Committee reports, including the committee associated with each "division"
  • Special Committee reports for those groups working on the Annual Reunion and other special events
  • Reports on volunteer activities and opportunities
  • Application forms for various events including the Annual Banquet and Meeting, various tractor events

Editor Bill Glenn enjoying the day at R & T on his classic Caterpillar with Reggie.