Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania

Saturday Volunteer Activities




Greetings Volunteers!  Sorry for the late notice, our Ag show is next weekend, so there's a little cleaning up to do on the grounds Saturday. If someone would like to walk about with a weed wacker and knock down the weeds that would be excellent. Also, if you are available during the week, coordinate with Wayne for when he is doing the show setup, he could use a hand. Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! We have a few things to take care of Saturday. The shed behind the Autohaus needs to be completed. The trees are growing, there's lots of low limbs that need to be trimmed, see Wayne for equipment. The corn box needs to be rebuilt and painted before the June Ag show. There are gutter guards that need to be installed, see Wayne for direction.  The usual players will be at work too, stop by at the Stationary Steam building, Gas engine buildings, Lineshaft Machine building, Construction area, Main shop or Traction engine buildings. There's always something going on. 
Chef Bill and his crew will be hard at work, lunch will be: Bar BQ’s, Deviled Eggs, Bed Spring Salad, Chips, Pickles, Drinks, and Strawberry Short Cake & Ice Cream for dessert.
If you have questions or are new to all this and need guidance, feel free to give me a holler. Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Lots to do before Spring Steam Up, the bays on the Little Toot side of the Stationary Steam Building need to be cleaned up and blown out. The shed behind the Autohaus needs to be finished up. 
The damaged awning behind the R&T maintenance shop needs to be finished. There are some plumbing issues that need to be addressed in the ladies restroom and the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen.........
Lunch will be Baked Ham, Buttered Noodles, String Beans, and Apple Sauce, with Pies for dessert and drinks. Chef Bill has a prior engagement, Chef Kathy will be leading the kitchen crew.  See you at the Show! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! It's that time again, this Saturday we will be working on the shed behind the Autohaus. The awning that covers the waste oil drums behind the R&T workshop was damaged by the wind. We need to see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. There's a good amount of branches down that can be picked up and transported down to the burn pile. I'm sure there will be other projects going on, just jump in, extra hands are always appreciated!  

Spring Steam Up will again host the Boy Scouts doing their STEM projects. If you could spare some time during the show, please contact myself or Steve Drumm. We could use some volunteers to help run the stations for the kids. I believe it is only on Saturday. Lastly, we are looking for someone who knows about flat head Ford V8s. Nevin Brubaker has one in the garage, the family wants to know what they have as far as displacement and possible value.  If you can help them out, please give me a call. Thanks much! 
Yes we will have our first lunch on Saturday for the crew. The menu is Bar BQ, Baked Beans, French Fries, Pickles, Chips, Drinks, and for dessert:  Apple Crisp with Ice Cream.
See you Saturday.
Jim Wiest



Greetings Volunteers! Lots to do this Saturday, I,ll start with a tree that came down behind the tractor building. It will need to be cut up and moved down to the burn pile. There's a bunch of branches that came down in last nights storm, they need to be picked up as well. The trash trailer needs to be finished, that project can be moved inside if the weather doesn't cooperate. The shed behind the Autohaus is getting a new metal roof and sides, also weather permitting. There are broken pipes in the kitchen that need to be repaired. The shay railroad station shelter area needs to be leveled in preparation for the new building. I'm sure the usual groups will be in action getting ready, we're only 2 work days from Spring Steam!  Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday is R&T's annual Winter Get Together.  Come on out and see what your fellow volunteers have been up to. Lunch is covered dish, the kitchen will be open. This is a great opportunity for new volunteers to come out and get to know the people that make R&T run. Thanks to everyone that came out last Saturday to help get everything ready.  Jim


Greetings Volunteers!
This Saturday we will be getting ready for next Saturday's Midwinter Get Together. The kitchen will need to be swept out and the tables wiped down. The front of the stationary steam building needs to be swept out, and the meeting room and bathroom need to be cleaned up. See Wayne for details & supplies. The model building is a usual gathering spot for the Get Together as well as the R&T shop, you might want to stop in to see if they need a hand getting ready too.  Thanks in advance, see you at the Get Together!   Jim


Greetings Volunteers & Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday!
If the weather permits, the awning framework at the Shay ticket booth can be disassembled, see Wayne for direction on where the pieces are going.  There's always goings on out of the weather in the stationary steam building, the R&T shop, line shaft machine shop, large gas engine, & construction area. The work on the Barrel Train Cadet engine is being rescheduled to February work day
Check them out and jump in, help is always appreciated. 
Be safe! Jim



Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday we will mainly be dealing with leaves. We want to get them out of the corners so the machines can get to them. There are some gutters due to get guards, Wayne will show you where or just follow the crowd. There's a roof leak in the steam building that needs to be addressed as well. I'm sure the Gas engine and Construction crews will be about too. Don't forget your lunch, Chef Bill and his kitchen crew are on vacation until April. Thanks and have a happy Holiday, the next work day is in 2024!


Greetings Volunteers!
It's that time of year again, the leaves are falling, bring your gloves and favorite rake or leaf blower. Wayne can advise on where they go and how they get there. There's gutter guard to be installed on the Little Toot side of the steam building. There's a few leaks in the roof  on that side of the building that could be addressed while the ladders are out. The engine needs to be pulled from the Barrel Train Cub Cadet so it can be rebuilt, and Wayne has some new flooring that needs to be installed on the trash trailer. I'm sure the Gas Engine guys will be working as well as the Machine Shop and Construction guys. This will be the last work day that Chef Bill and his crew will be making lunch until Spring, so come hungry, it's Thanksgiving dinner. On the menu is  Roast Turkey, Potato Filling, Corn, Cranberry, Home Made Pumpkin Pie with Ice Cream, and Drinks. A big thanks to the kitchen crew for all their hard work!    Thanks everyone, Jim


 Greetings Volunteers!
This Saturday we have some cleaning up to do in preparation for the Fall Harvest show. As usual the booths next to Little Toot need to be cleaned out for the vendors. Seems they are situated just right to catch any stray leaves blowing by.  The gutter down that side of the steam building could be checked as well. Speaking of gutters, Wayne will be tying in the gift shop gutters to the cistern under the gift shop, he could use a hand with that. There's always the usual preshow  clean up / blow out / dust off that needs to be done.
For lunch, Chef Bill and his crew will be at work in the kitchen. On the menu, Chicken A La King over waffles, apple sauce,  APPLE CRISP!!, and drinks.  Hope to see you there!    Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Hope everyone has recovered from Reunion. We have some picnic tables that need to be repaired in time for the members picnic. There's still a few things that still need to be picked up and put away from reunion. There's some things in the basement of the farm house that can make their way to the dumpster before it leaves. The gift shop floor needs its post show cleaning, it really takes a beating at reunion. See Wayne for directions. 
Chef Bill and his crew will be making lunch for us, here's what's cooking.… Hot Dogs, Chips, Deviled Eggs, Pickles, Fruit, Cookies, and Drinks.
Thanks!   Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Looks like last Monday's storm made a mess of the place.
Wayne's crew got most of it, but there's still a little to do. The booths along little toot got debris blown into them again, all your good work got to be done over. Wayne is also looking for some helpers with the trash on show days for 2 hr shifts around lunch and in the late afternoon. He needs people to tie trash bags, pull 'em out of the cans and put new bags in. If you can spare the time it goes a long way toward keeping the grounds tidy. 
Steve McCoy  advised us that the township plans to pave Unser rd (the road across the back of the grounds) starting Tuesday. It should not be too big of an impact on us, they are beginning at the driveway and heading toward Newport rd, rt772. 
Prez Walt Wilson gave us good news, we won't need volunteers to ride the people movers, the drives will be able to communicate with the passengers via a bell system, kudos to the folks that thought this up!
The parking is also being taken care of, sorry, Walt told me who is doing it, but it escapes me now. Be sure to thank them, it's a long hot day out there!
Steve Wrigley is still looking for help to fill a few remaking shifts on the Sausage Steamer. See the schedule I'll attempt to attach.
Last but certainly not least, the menu for Saturday, Monday & Tuesday. Thank you Chef Bill & your assistants!
We are cooking for the Group Saturday.
Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Deviled Eggs, Pickles, Chips, Pudding, and Drinks.
Monday is Meatball Sandwiches, Bed Spring Salad, Pickles, Chips, Watermelon , Cantaloupe, and Drinks.
Tuesday is Hot Dogs, Meatball Sandwiches, Salad, Chips, Pickles, Fruit, and Drinks
 Also a BIG thanks to Brian Mann for keeping me in the loop!



Greetings Volunteers! Here we go folks, it's almost time and we have lots to do.  Wayne told me there are some tree branches that will need to be trimmed, weed whacking out in the grove and around the grounds in general. Under the bleachers needs to be cleaned out as do the bays next to little toot. The floor of the gift shop will be mopped and buffed too. 

For Reunion, there are many opportunities to help out.We will need volunteers to work the gates and help in the gift shop now that they will have extended hours. See Kathy Hazzard for details. We will need barrel train drivers, see Steve Drumm for scheduling. There is a change in procedure for drivers, Steve will give you the info. We need courtesy shuttle drivers to transport people about the grounds, Dave Payeur is the contact . 

Bill Reber (Aka Chef Bill) is seeking drivers and safety assistants  for the people movers. Each people mover will have a safety assistant on board to assist passengers and be a second set of eyes for the driver. 

Steve Wrigley is hoping to fill the schedule for kitchen boiler operators. The schedule is attached below. This is a good opportunity for ""newbies" from steam school to get their feet wet, it,s not as easy as it looks. If you haven't been to school, you're still welcome to help out. 

Feel free to contact me if you need help with contacts, I'll get you 

Reunion is the perfect time for new and seasoned members to get involved! Some equipment is only run at Reunion, so if you're interested, please tell us! 

Note to all you "Lifers" Please stop by the gift shop to sign off on the new liability statement and get your card sticker. 

Lastly, Chef Bill and his crew are cooking lunch for us on Saturday. On the menu, Stuffed Peppers, Buttered Noodles, Green Beans or Carrots, Watermelon, Cantalope, and Drinks. 

See you Saturday! Jim



Greetings Volunteers!
We have a couple things on the list for Saturday.   The Grove needs some weed whacking done around the trees. 
A local camp ground was kind enough to donate some picnic tables to us. They could use a good pressure washing before being put out.  That's it for now, Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday...........heck, might as well let Wayne tell it.........Saturday there will be a group cutting trees and they will have a large crane on site. I will put orange cones by the Willock building and out behind the stationary steam building. We will need to stay away from that area. Have weed whacking in the groves around the trees to be done & push mowing along the back fence in the construction area. The meeting room and gift shop need vacuuming and mopping. One plumbing job that needs to be done. A BIG THANKS to everybody who made our last show a great success!  Wayne.
Gotta love cut and paste! I don't have a menu yet, I'll be following up shortly, as soon as I catch up to Chef Bill
Thanks everyone! Jim

Greetings Volunteers! As promised, the lunch menu for Saturday. 

Hot Dogs, Macaroni Salad, Chips, Pickles, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, & Drinks. 

Thank you Chef Bill & Your Crew!  


Greetings Volunteers!
 If anyone is around the grounds this weekend, there are some weeds around the trees in the grove/flea market area that could be weed wacked. Other than that, the grounds are ready for next week's tractor show. Great job and thanks to Wayne and his crew! 
Carry on! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! First a belated THANK YOU! To everyone involved in getting ready for Spring Steam Up. The entire grounds and buildings were picture perfect. The restroom repaint was  beautiful, Wayne sends a big thanks to all involved. Another Thanks to all that helped make Spring Steam Up a success.
For this Saturday, there's still some painting to be done in the bathrooms. There are 2 clear roof panels on the thresher building that need to be replaced. There's some weed whacking that needs to be done out in the construction area and some shrubs growing through the fences out there that need to come out. As usual, see Wayne for details and supplies. 
For lunch, Chef Bill and his crew will be making Barbeque, Bed spring salad, Deviled eggs, Pickles, Chips & drinks. For dessert there's Strawberry short cake. 
Again, Thanks for all your help, we couldn't do it without you!  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Well, it's almost show time, there's lots of cleaning up to do. The bays next to little toot need to be cleared and blown out. There are some small trees that need to be cleared down in the basin north of the Waterloo Boys building. The outside of the bathrooms need to be pressure washed in preparation for painting. One of the red sheds next to the farm house was emptied, it's replacement needs to be filled to the rafters as soon  as possible. Just kidding.......there are some things that do need to go back in though. I don't know who's in charge of that project, Wayne can point you in the right direction. Chef Bill and his crew are back in action. For lunch, Baked ham, buttered noodles, string beans, applesauce, various pies and drinks. Hope to see you soon, Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers!
This Saturday we have some painting and plumbing projects in the men's bathroom to take care of. The wind dropped some branches in the yard, they need a ride out to the burn pile. There's a few more spots on the walls in the farm house that  need a quick patch. 
The ladies room is open, the men can use the family room at the back of the ladies restroom or the meeting room bathroom.  

Chef Bill just messaged me, lunch is on for Saturday! There will be  Hot dogs, French fries, ham and bean soup and apple crisp.



Greetings Volunteers! Hope everyone is enjoying this weather! We're still working on the farm house ceilings, hoping to get that wrapped up before the grass starts growing. The leaking pipe still needs to be excavated at the ladies rest room, and the trash cans between the kitchen and the line shaft machine shop need to be moved so the leaves can be raked up. I heard Kathy is doing inventory in the gift shop, you might want to pop in to see if she needs a hand. Stay warm! Jim


Greetings Volunteers!  This Saturday we have two projects. We will be working inside on the farm house ceilings and weather permitting outside the lady's restroom digging up a leaking water line. Hopefully the ground won't be frozen yet. The meeting room should be open to warm up, if the shop is open that's got heat too. Next weekend is Winter get together, let's hope it's a little warmer!  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Welcome to the first work day of 2023. First up, weather permitting we'll be getting after the left over leaves in the corners and along the back fence that the mowers can't get. The Farmall A and spreader are available. See Wayne for rakes or byo. Speaking of Wayne, you might find him working in the farm house if the weather isn't cooperating. Plenty to do there. One more project that needs to be done, the mount for the lunch bell on the kitchen is falling apart. At minimum it needs to come down for safety reasons. The front of the stationary steam building should be open to warm up and have lunch. Have fun, any questions give a yell. Jim


Seasons Greetings Volunteers! Just a note wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many thanks for all the hard work you all do to make Rough and Tumble the incredible place it is. We couldn't do it without you! Stay warm & safe,  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! We are having more technical difficulties with the email list I use. I had to attach this to an old email, so I apologize for whatever came with it. If you haven't heard from me before a work day, please shoot me a note. Weather permitting, it's going to be a leaf clean up day. The leaf vac needs to be put back together. The farm house is in need of clean up as well as the maintenance shop. Stationary steam and Gas engine guys I'm sure will be working. The kitchen is closed for the winter, so lunch is whatever you bring. That's usually a fire in the front of the stationary steam building, a warm  place for lunch. Any questions, give me a call. Thanks! Jim


 Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday begins our seasonal battle of the leaves. Our incredible ground crew has gotten good at keeping the open areas clear, but all those nooks an crannies require more personal attention. We will also begin winterization of the restrooms and kitchen after lunch. The restroom outside the meeting room will be open.  One of the skylights on the threshing building is on the list to be replaced.  Chef Bill's crew will be taking their winter break after this Saturday, they always end the season with bang. From Chef Bill...
Saturday’s lunch is the Grand Last Lunch for the year. Roast Turkey, Potato Filling, Corn, Cranberry Sauce, Home Made Ice Cream, and Pumpkin Pie. Drinks included!
Hope to see you there!  Jim
If there's anyone out there that can show me how to adjust the fonts on my phone, I'd greatly appreciate it! 



Greetings Volunteers! First, a great big THANK YOU!!! to everyone that made this years reunion such a huge success! We were down some key people, everyone pulled together and got the work done. It's amazing to stand back and watch what appears to be chaos the days before turn into a carefully choreographed event . 
Ok ....onward and upward, Wayne has work for us. Those bleachers that were repaired so skilfully a few weeks ago have accumulated quite a bit of debris underneath. The grass needs to be cut in front of them too, the riders don't fit, it's push mower territory. There's a couple trees in the grove that need to be taken down. They can go to the burn pile. The bathrooms suffered some serious wear and tear, we'd like to get a good scrubbing done to see what needs doing. 
Chef Bill should be back in the Kitchen, lunch will be Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Deviled Eggs, Potato Chips, Pickles, Cookies & Fruit.           Thanks All!!    Jim


Greetings Volunteers, sorry for the late notice. We're still looking for parking volunteers, shuttle drivers and barrel train drivers. If you have any spare time, we could really use a hand. Chef Bill is out for a bit, but his capable crew is carrying on.......
Bedspring salad

Everything that is left over.
Questions or suggestions feel free to call, thanks in advance! Jim



Greetings Volunteers! It's that time, Reunion is here. We got lots to get done this Saturday, it's going to be hot, so go easy, stay hydrated and take a break if you start feeling it. We have a pretty big project out on the bleachers, let's get on that early as there's no shade. Look for folks out there and jump in. The bays between Lil Toot and Stationary steam building have to be cleaned out. The gutter should be done too. There are step ladders around in stationary steam and the wagon building in the rafters. The farm house needs a bath. Wayne has everything you need, see him for details or jump in if someone is already on it.

We're looking for shuttle cart drivers for Reunion. Dave Payeur is in charge, contact him or myself and I'll get you hooked up.

We're still looking for help during reunion at the gates, driving the people movers, parking, barrel train drivers and help steaming sausage.  Let me know where you're interested in volunteering and I'll get you to the right person. Wayne could use help with trash collection during the show too.  For lunch Chef Bill and his crew are making ......Stuffed Peppers, Buttered Noodles, Corn on the Cob, and Water Mellon and Cantelope, Drinks. Thanks in advance to Bill and his crew for feeding us, it's an awfully hot job, we all appreciate it immensely!   See you Saturday! Jim



Member help needed for parking. Parking at the 74th Reunion continues to be a challenge and we are calling all membership to again step up and assisting in parking. The shows committee has secured groups to park Pasture Field on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Presently the Shows Committee is working on organizing a group for the pasture Saturday, but this is not firm. We need to organize volunteers for RT 30 Field Wednesday-Saturday and Pasture Field Saturday. If a group comes through for parking Pasture Field for Saturday, Bud Burdy.


Greetings Volunteers! This work day we'll be cleaning up. Wayne trimmed some trees around the property, the branches need to be hauled to the burn pile. There's also some weed whacking  that could be done in the grove. There are a bunch (12+) Tupperware bins in the crawlspace behind the covered wagon in the lower gift shop. They all need to come out and be opened. They have been there a looong time, I would expect critters, so gloves are recommended. Some of the saddle horses can be moved to make access easier CAREFULLY PLEASE!  I'll get back to you all with the menu shortly. Thanks & Happy 4th! Jim

Greetings Volunteers! 2 things to add for tomorrow. Phil Dunwody mentioned that some of the awnings on the wagon building are not in the best shape. He could use some help realigning and securing the offenders. See Phil to lend a hand. I have the lunch menu from Chef Bill. We're having Hot Dogs, Bed Spring Salad, Chips, Pickles, Watermelon, Cantelope, and Drinks. It's supposed to be hot, so make sure to stay wet. Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Got a real nice weekend coming up, we have a few projects to get done. Some of the bleacher boards need replacing. Wayne has the boards and hardware to get that done. See him for instructions. The information booth just inside the South gate is getting a bell tower and a coat of paint on its roof. It needs to be pressure washed first. See Wayne or whomever is there and looks like they're in charge. It's a low roof but the carpenter bees think it belongs to them, so you might have to convince them otherwise. Lawn tennis rackets are very effective. 
There's a substantial amount of weed whacking to be done, but we're down to 1 machine. If you have one to bring with or a spare please do. 
Bet you thought I was going to forget again! Here's Chef Bills menu:
BBQ, Macaroni Salad, Chips, Deviled Eggs, Pickles, Strawberry Short Cake, and Drinks!!
Thanks much! Jim


Greetings Volunteers!  One week before our first show of 2022! Lots to do, we have something for everyone. Wayne has pipes to be dug up and repaired, some glass to be cleaned up and replaced. There's some light painting, some big painting, pressure washing, building clean up and most importantly, LUNCH! And for the second work day in a row, I forgot to call Chef Bill!! My bad, I'll get back to y'all with the menu. As long a he doesn't forget, it's all good anyway! New volunteers, jump in where ever your interests are, or just find Wayne, he's got a list. Also do miss stopping out to the construction area, Doug and Wayne are always looking for new help. You might score a fried baloney sandwich if your timing is right. See u soon,. Jim

Greetings again Volunteers! Saturdays lunch will be Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, String Beans, Apple Sauce, and Pies for Dessert! Thank you Chef Bill. Also my apologies to the Construction Gang, it should have been DON'T miss the Construction Area.  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday we will be fixing the fence for the Shay railroad north of the farm house to the crossing. I'm sure there will be branches down from tonight's storm and leaves will be  in all the corners again. We also will be needing painters in the lower gift shop. The wall behind the covered wagon is the one we will be working on. Chef Bill contacted me, lunch will be served on Saturday! On the menu.... Hot Dogs, French Fries, Chili, APPLE CRISP, and drinks! See you Saturday.

Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday at R&T we will be working in the farm house. The drywall will be going up in the bathroom. If you would rather be outdoors, there are leaves in corners that could be raked or blown out. They don't need to be picked up, the wind will relocate them. The usual groups will be in action, don't be afraid to join in.  2 more work days to Spring steam up! Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday we'll be getting ready for our winter get together, stop by and see Wayne for guidance. It's going to be quite cold,  the stationary steam building usually has a fire in the stove  to warm up by. It's also a good place to have lunch! We'll also be continuing work  in the farm house if you're looking to stay out of the weather. No prior carpentry skills required, we train! Hope to see you there, Jim.


Greetings Volunteers!  This Saturday we have a sweet indoor job, perfect for a cold winter day. Wayne is heading up the remodel of the 1st floor of the farm house. Bring gloves, glasses and your favorite demo tools. You'll want to bring lunch too. If you'd rather be outside, there's piles of leaves in corners here and there ( if they're not buried in snow!). I was out last Monday and must say I've never seen the grounds that tidy in the off months. Nice job guys! You also might find the gas engine, stationary steam and construction crews there as well. Come on out and have fun. 
A side note, has anyone had to deal with wood worms? We have I guess what would be described as an infestation in the lower gift shop. The internet is full of remedy's, I'm looking for what you used on them and how effective it was. It must be kind to finished surfaces. Let me know . Thanks!  Jim.


Greetings Volunteers! Due to the holiday falling on work day this year, it has been moved to the following Saturday (the 8th) . February work day will be the normal 1st Saturday. Thanks and have a super new years. Jim

Merry Christmas to all our Volunteers and your family's and have a happy and healthy New Year!
Many thanks for all that you do to make Rough and Tumble all that it is.              Jim


January Workday will move from 1 January to 8 January. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday is the last work day of the year. Bring your rakes and gloves, we're going to get after the leaves. The Farmall A and manure spreader should be good to go. Bring the kids, they make great leaf packers. Chef Bill and his crew are off for the rest of the season, so bring a lunch. The front of the steam building is usually open to warm up and eat. I'm sure the Gas engine, Stationary Steam, and Line Shaft crews will be working too. Hope to see you there.  Jim

Greetings and thanks for posting,Jeff Bender and I will have the stove going in the Stationary Steam front room and have some hot water for beverages. 
We will apply some rust protection grease to bare steel engine parts. We also have a single phase motor to convert an air compresssor from three phase. 
Phil Dunwood is leading a project to clear and reorganize the east end of Wayne's World.We will be chipping away at that. 
Jim  Conte

Also want to install some flashing at Wayne's World to limit wind and water intrusion.


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday at R&T is going to be a busy one. In addition to the usual yard work that needs to be done, Wayne would like some help winterizing the women's rest room. There's some branches near the power lines that run behind the caretakers trailer. Wayne has a pole saw. There's also some branches on the kitchen roof  that should come off. Jim Conte has a list of projects, you can find him in the stationary steam building or in front of the kitchen at the steamer. Here's some of the things he needs done. Let's get the wood boxes inside.The softener tanks into the shop.Verify the Sausage Steamer winterized and the grease trap cleaned. 

Stationary Steam may need some help with winterization. The gas engine, line shaft, and construction crews I'm sure will be there as well. We have some new volunteers, please take time to show them the ropes. This being the last work day that lunch is made for us, Chef Bill and his crew is pulling out all the stops and making out traditional last work day Thanksgiving dinner! It's not to be missed! Please thank them for all their hard work and THANK YOU for all your hard work throughout the year! Any questions feel free to call, text, or email me.   Jim



Greetings Volunteers!  October work day is upon us. The grounds are in great shape, Wayne only asked if the back fence could be weed wacked. For the Fall Harvest show next weekend, we'll be looking for help at the gate and barrel train drivers. 

Chef Bill and his crew will be preparing lunch for us again. On the menu: Chicken Al King over fried potatoes, Apple sauce, Cup Cakes, Home made ice cream!!!! And drinks!  Thanks for your help, Jim


Greetings Volunteers!  We are looking for volunteers to run the barrel train tomorrow at the Annual Picnic. If you have a little time to spare, see Wayne tomorrow. Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers!  First, Thanks so much for all your hard work at Reunion.  Y'all did a great job handling the heat and the huge crowds. This Saturday is going to be a storm cleanup day. Wayne told me there's plenty of branches down. We're going to need someone on the skid steer to pick up the driveway that washed down from the John Deere building and put it back where it belongs. Please check the fluid levels before you start, it had lots of run time during the show. The Farmall A and spreader should be good to go for branch pick up. Yes, it will fit through that opening, just! Some weed whacking needs to be done out along the back fence.
Chef Kathy is filling in for Chef Bill this weekend. On the menu are Meatball Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Beans, Deviled Eggs, Chips and a surprise dessert.
A quick reminder! The R&T Membership Picnic is fast coming on September 25th. Tickets are only available from the web site. If you intend to attend, get on it soon! See the site for info.  As always, Thanks! Jim


With our long awaited reunion less than a week away we have a challenge effecting reunion, Parking. Due to restrictions the Civil Air Patrol can not park cars at the reunion. The shows committee has exhausted all other contacts including profession parking companies and Flagger Force.
We are looking to the membership to step up and assist in parking. R&T needs volunteers for 2 hours shifts. 
Starting Wednesday 18 August till Saturday 20 August  6am-3pm Be creative, if you have family member/friends who need service hours or just know someone that would help recruit them. I will organize the schedule. If you are willing to volunteer contact me at 610.850.5404 or [email protected]


Greetings Volunteers!
We're almost there. Still looking for volunteers for the gate, trash pickup and barrel train drivers. Some weed whacking needs to be done along the back fence and around the construction area. The sawmill needs to be raked out if it hasn't been already. I have Chef Bill's menu .....for Saturday, Toasted Ham &Cheese, Deviled Eggs, Chips, Pickles, Pudding and drinks.

For Monday...... Meatball Sandwiches, Bedspring Salad, Chips, Pickles, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Drinks

For Tuesday.....Hot Dogs, Meatball Sandwiches, Bedspring Salad, Chips, Pickles, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Drinks. 
Whew! I'm tired just typing all that!  Thanks Bill and thanks to your crew! 


Greetings Volunteers!
It's here, last work day before Reunion. We need the vendor bays on the little toot side of the steam building be emptied and cleaned out so the vendors can get in and set up. Same for any obscure corners that tend to collect debris A lot of the trees need to be weed wacked, careful of the bark, especially the young ones. 
We still need barrel train drivers, trash pick up helpers and gate workers. Contact Wayne, Kathy Hazard or myself to volunteer or if you have questions. 
Chef Bill and his crew will be in the kitchen. Stuffed peppers, buttered noodles, corn, apple sauce, fruit and drinks are on the menu. I'm sure all the groups will be at work, now is the best time to jump in if you've been thinking about becoming a volunteer!  Thanks for all your hard work, Jim


Greetings Volunteers! It's almost time, we're looking for volunteers to drive the barrel train during Reunion. If you're interested in helping out, give Wayne or myself a holler, we'll figure out some sort of schedule. 
Wayne and his crew could also use a hand gathering the bags in the trash cans a few times a day. If you have a few minutes, your help would be greatly appreciated!   


We're looking for volunteers to help at the gates. If you're interested, contact Kathy Hazzard , 484-624-9064 or email [email protected].

Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! I have a special Message from the Nominating Committee......


Dear members and volunteers:

Most of you know me from The Shay Railroad.  But today I am writing this email on behalf of the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee is chosen by board vote to prepare the slate of officers and directors for R & T for the new year.

Our Treasurer, Janice Glenn, is retiring at the end of the year.  The Nominating Committee is looking for an individual to fill this position for 2022.

 If you would have an interest in this position, or know of someone who might be suited for it, please contact one of the Nominating Committee members listed below.

Thank you,

Dennis Hornberger    [email protected]

John Johnson            [email protected]

Dave Payeur             [email protected]

Glenn Stauffer           [email protected]

Wayne Hartshorne    [email protected]


Greetings Volunteers & Happy fourth of July! Hopefully you're all staying as cool as possible these days. Wayne requested a few simple things to get done this weekend, him and his crew have already got the place quite spiffy. There's a few bollards with concrete bases that could be painted (base and all) back at the loading dock. A good project for the morning, nice and shady and quiet a view as a bonus! The bollards out front on the Rt30 side are scraped up and could use a coat while the rollers are out. There should be pictures attached of what needs to be done. Wayne has the supplies on the bench in his shop. Both man doors of the Auto Haus have been primed and are ready for a finish coat if that could be done also. Wayne has the supplies for that. Please don't paint the doors YELLOW!

White Chimneys homestead is having it's 300 year celebration Saturday also on Saturday. Our Barrel Train will be there, we are looking for volunteers to drive. Call Wayne or myself if you're interested. Google White Chimneys for more info on this interesting place. Once again, chef Bill and his crew will be back in action. BBQ, Meatball sandwiches, Chili, Macaroni salad, Chips, Pies & Fruit with drinks are on the menu. Be sure to thank them for their hard work. Happy Independence day!  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday we got some quick paint jobs to take care of and a run thru the gutters on the steam building and gift shop. The usual groups will be there, gas engine, stam and construction crews, come on out and join in. Chef Bill and his crew will be hard at work in the Kitchen. On the menu; Hamburger BBQ, Bed Spring Salad, Deviled Eggs, Pickles, Chips, Drinks, and Strawberry Short Cake. Any questions, feel free to holler. Thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers!  Not much on our list this weekend, Wayne asked that the gutters on the front of the gift shop and the stationary steam building get cleaned out. I'm sure the usual groups will be in attendance.  I'll holler if I get more, thanks!    Jim


Greetings Volunteers! We're looking for folks to drive the barrel train on Friday and Saturday. If you have a little bit of time to spare, and can drive a small tractor, give myself or Wayne a holler. Thanks! Jim. 


Greetings Volunteers!  Last work day before spring steam up is here! Wayne has requested some weed whacking be done around the track guard rails and the hitch posts at the back gate. The Smithco has branches on the back that can go out to the burn pile, probably take the long way round and pick up the ones downed by tomorrows wind storm. Keys are under the seat. The Stationary Steam building folks could use some help with their clean up, see Jim Conte in the building. Chef Bill and his crew will be busy in the kitchen. On the menu, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, corn, apple sauce, pie and drinks. Wayne and I won't be there, but you can call or text me, I will get back to you asap. Take care and thanks! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Stationary Steam is looking for help cleaning up for spring steam up. If you have some time, see Jim Conte in the stationary steam building. Thanks! 


Greetings Volunteers! Sorry for the late notice, this Saturday, we'll be finishing the grading in front of the Auto Hause started last Saturday. The wind brought down a bunch of branches last week that need to be gathered, Wayne has a trailer hooked to his "mower". (We need to come up with a name for it) and the  Farmall and manure spreader are also available. There are a few leaks in the now open bathrooms that need to be addressed, see Wayne for exactly what needs to be done. 

Chef Bill and his crew are back in action! Get ready for more culinary delights! 

Thanks!  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday we have a few things on the list. We would like to rake out the piles of dirt the snow plow pushed up. There's a tractor & trailer in the back of the steam building if needed. The meeting room & bathroom need a cleaning ( bonus! it's warm in there) The gas engine group will be working on the Harris engine in the Steam building. I'll be in the downstairs of the gift shop cleaning up our new Ruud water heater. One more request for tomorrow, the tractor building sliding doors need some love to close properly, we want to secure that building.

Stay safe!  Jim


Greetings Volunteers! This Saturday we will be getting ready for next weekends Winter Get Together. The front room of the steam building needs a clean up and chairs/ table set up. I understand the kitchen will be the main gathering spot, along with the usual spots ( model bldg, line shaft machine shop, and the main shop). Stop out and lend a hand getting ready. In addition, we need a load of firewood stacked up at the kitchen / machine shop area for fire pits. The Blacksmith / Model buildings will not be open for Winter Get Together, quarters are just too close to allow for social distancing. 

As always, thanks for your help! Jim


Greetings Volunteers! Hope everyone's had a good Holiday. This Saturday gonna be a quiet one. The Gas Engine guys should be out as usual. I do have a request for some help in the morning removing the mower from the Alice Chalmers tractor under the awning of the Stationary Steam building. If the trailer next to it is relocated, there should be enough room to slide the mower out. A hand loading and tying down would be greatly appreciated. We'll have some inside work to be done next work day if it's not too cold.  Everyone stay safe and happy new year!   Jim

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