Rough & Tumble Engineers
Kinzers, Pennsylvania


Operating Committees

Kathleen Hazzard, Chairperson

Antique Auto
Ted Casey, Chairperson

Antique Tractors
Arthur Astle II, Chairperson

Building and Facilities Maintenance
Nevin Brubaker, Chairperson

David Adams, Chairperson

Equipment Maintenance
Arthur Astle II, Chairperson

Janice Glenn, Chairperson

Gas Tractor Registration
IH Club Steve Lewis, Chairperson

Gift Shop
Pat Kreider, Chairperson

Jonathan Riehl, Chairperson

Warren Wolf, Chairperson

Art Astle, Chairperson

Jean Kriebel, Chairperson

R & T Food
Bill Reber, Chairperson

Rumley Museum
Paul Stoltzfus, Chairperson

Safety and Security
Steve McCoy, Chairperson

Shows Committee
Jerry Myer, Chairperson  

Colton Garver, Co-Chairperson  
Arthur Astle II, Co-Chairperson

Steering Committee
Arthur Astle, Chairperson

Tractor Building Coordinator
Warren Wolf, Co-Chairperson
Arthur Astle II, Co-Chairperson

Volunteer Coordinator
Jim Wiest, Chairperson

Art Driedger III, Chairperson

Web Site
John Johnson, Chairperson

Bill Glenn, Chairperson

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Reunion-Related Committees

Admissions, T.O.H./Advertising
Kathleen Hazzard, Chairperson

Harvey Bashore, Chairperson

Crafts, Vendors
Pat Kreider, Chairperson

Pat Kreider, Chairperson

Feature Attractions/Exhibits
Arthur Astle II, Chairperson

Flea Market
Jerry Myer, Chairperson

Mr. and Mrs. Walt Wilson, Chairperson

Information Stand
Judy Whiteside, Chairperson

Pagent of Threshing
Glenn Stauffer, Chairperson

Public Address
Steve McCoy, Chairperson

Reunion Parking/Sec.
Bill Reber, Chairperson

Shingle Mill
Jim Wiest, Chairperson

Threshing Steam and Gas
Dwight Groff, Chairperson

Tractor Registration and Safety
Ralph Hess, Chairperson

Special Attractions Committees

Banquet Committee
Kathleen Hazzard, Chairperson

Blacksmith Shop
Russ Jenkins, Chairperson

Children's Pedal Pull
Pam Koser, Chairperson

Construction Equipment
Ray Fleetwood, Chairperson

Garden Tractor Pull
Bill Huges, Chairperson

Garden Tractor Registration and Safety
Ralph Hess, Chairperson

Gas Tractors
John McCoy, Chairperson

Large Gas Engine
Bill Hazzard, Chairperson

Large Tractor Pulling Committee
Walt Wilson, Chairperson                                         Ivan Martin, Co-Chairperson

Little Toot Railrood
Allen Gruver, Co-Chairperson
Grant Huddle, Co-Chairperson

Line Shaft Machine Works
Bud Burdy, Chairperson

Model Engineering
Don Sadler, Chairperson

Pulling Committee
Walt Wilson, Chairperson

Saw Mill
Ivan Zimmerman, Chairperson

Shay Railroad
Dennis Hornberger, Chairperson

Small Gas Engines
Paul Stevens, Chairperson

Steam Museum
Thomas Mauro, Chairperson

Steam Traction Engines
Butch Biesecker, Chairperson

Threshing Committee
Dwight Groff, Chairperson